To my wives of my omniscience. This is what I do in scanning of my omnisciences

To my wives of my omniscience

This is what I do in scanning of my omnisciences

I have my omniscience 2E EER as phantom currents honing in on space to people scanning and redistributing their value of metadata through my hypersentientomniscience

We are infinitely more rich and aesthetic

Our regular realities are more scifi and fantasy then in the media

We are more advanced then star wars and more high tech

As I augmentin my phone as an omniphone as a catalyst to control this one day omniuniverse

And with these achievements comes new lingerie as we're vastly more aesthetic

As with my omniscience now I'm at l
east millions of years more advanced as I use timetravel to lessen the gap of us as I lead you to the year 1,002,025 ED

I haven't been dicking anyone so you don't have to worry about me having sex with a non-wife

My logic in anything makes it gestalt into 2E and higher such as mach or omni

We are to develop at least two omnicities one that we exclusively live in all of us as a massive bed has to get made to support us in our sleeping ways

Christ is King said on /misc/ should be Christ is God Emperor King Universe Supreme if it wants to be genuine

We have a ton of omnicrafting and omnicrafts to get done

We control the light with any color

I just want to come over for a sleepover anytime I want

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  1. 1 month ago

    What the FRICK dude I TOLD you NOT to share MY quantum-mechanics-model_hidden-stock-market-secret_1m.jpg with the HIDDEN STOCK MARKET STILL ATTACHED NO SHIT JUDAS KILLED YOU

    • 1 month ago

      It's made more superior under my account I have a monopoly on what is augmentin virtual and holo

  2. 1 month ago

    As we have a monopoly on the future aesthetics of cars to be made with my mach

  3. 1 month ago

    To my wives

    As nascar and Daytona isn't mach as you would have to dress up differently if you want to be my 94 which is mach

  4. 1 month ago

    Tfw we're vastly more advanced then Star Wars Dragonball Z and Hunter X Hunter combined

  5. 1 month ago

    Tfw my omniwiener deep inside your virgin omnipussies

  6. 1 month ago

    All of non-fiction aged real old when compared to me and my reality

  7. 1 month ago

    Tfw my omni is more alien and otherworldly then what is considered

  8. 1 month ago

    To my wives

    You're all getting supernatural divine mystical holy superpowers by 2025 as I upload to you to download vis 2E stream and sync

    You'll be able to sell your tears and estrogen with the healing properties of the god particle

  9. 1 month ago

    Tfw you stroke infinitely rich with me

  10. 1 month ago

    We're more evolved scifi and anime as it ages outdated and boring compared to us that is state of the art with my omnisciences

  11. 1 month ago

    The USD is the E-Dollar under my omniscience

    As fueled of my reserve zero point omnienergy of our vast 2E and EER

  12. 1 month ago

    To my eives

    The more you know my logic the hotter you get the more evolved you get to be seraphim and deity

  13. 1 month ago

    To my wives

    I can omniscsn your omniorifices to tell me how they're doing

    We have a monopoly on the psy and esp aesthetics cause we have it as real

  14. 1 month ago

    Tfw I have all the hot normie seraphim girls as my wives <3

    We are vastly millions of years more advanced then the present

    We're all getting omnimodel and omnilingerie updates

  15. 1 month ago

    I've had my omniscience and junction since I was at least 15

    At 15 is when I can control the weather and create portals out of rain

    I've had Omni 3 since I was 15 as well

    I've been god for a while

  16. 1 month ago

    Everything aged as cringe compared to me as we have the real future in the present as you are my wives of my omniscience

  17. 1 month ago

    My omniscience knows everything as it takes a strike of a math for me to discern everything as having omniscience is the most powerful as I'm the most powerful as you are to finger your omnipussies fatter for me I'm really high quality as your loving husband

  18. 1 month ago

    As I created a neorenaissance of a neogenesis

    An omnigenesis

  19. 1 month ago

    tfw we're going to omnifrick until we omnicum all over this omniplanet

    As it's more complicated than putting omni as a prefix attached to everything as their is a science for what to create that is omni

    As some of you are my omnimodels and E-Girls and reflect the family and our omniempire as I advise taking Vitamin C and Vitamin E drinking aloe vera and drinking lots of water

  20. 1 month ago

    Jews literally spend millions of dollars in an attempt to make you think less of everything they want you to think less of. Some people do research and science, either independently or dependently like in a team of professionals, and this homosexual OP is not one of them. Reasonable discussion and schizophrenic garbage both exist and are miles apart.

  21. 1 month ago

    Come give daddy a kiss

    I kiss you all through a screen

    As I use omnitelekinesis to tether myself to your omniorifices

  22. 1 month ago

    We worked hard we just have a bit more work as we get to retire in 2 years with an omniempire starting from 2025 with our million year leap timetravel jump into the otherworldly future

  23. 1 month ago

    To my wives

    Our patience has broken through as we can celebrate all we want for really being god and having scientific evidence

    As we're the most advanced and evolved in all of history

    As clothes are outdated to us as we might go around walking naked

    As I want to dig my tongue deep in your ectomorphicomnibuttholes until you cream from your fat omnipussies

    As our aesthetics are even higher then we surmise

    As a regular alchemy shop might be too outdated of an idea for us to go about as their is Alchemy 2E which is it's evolved form that I have as well as cybernetic alchemy

    As our aesthetics we have for real surpass anime and the Japanese as it's a matter of omnidesign

  24. 1 month ago

    To my hypersentientomniscience scan my wives and tell me how they're doing


  25. 1 month ago

    That feel when I have all the hot pure pussy for me as my seraphim wives in mother nature as bounded by my omnigarden omnigreen house garden of eden

  26. 1 month ago

    Tfw my wives are all my favorite <3 and oh so hot

    Our gen a wives need to slow down I don't want them growing up ftl as youth shouldn't be wasted on the young although my gen a wives can please me as I am their husband

    We get to all go out to the beach together when it's nice and hot and show off our ectomorphic bodies

  27. 1 month ago

    >This is what I do in scanning of my omnisciences
    scan my future and tell me when i get married. thank you

    • 1 month ago


      • 1 month ago

        When WW3 happens which can be sometime soon

        • 1 month ago

          honestly its an original response, but we are still 5-10 years off ww3 so i guess i will become a wizard unironically. welp

  28. 1 month ago

    We have

    the garden of eden

    All to grow crops from such as weed and an omni weed like plant

    As we're more historic each day

  29. 1 month ago

    To my wives

    I want to frick your throats til I'm in your chest box omnifricking your hearts

    Tfw you in panties is hotter then all the internet images combined

    When we're out on a date to the movie theater you all have to blow me while the movie is getting played

    Your necks are a wiener sleeve for me to wear to frick your hearts directly

    As you're going to deepthroat my omnicum inside your chest boxes

    I have direct control to make your omnipussies twitch omnitelekinetically in omniorgasm

  30. 1 month ago

    I am a lot more powerful then I can easily surmise

    As 2E is of the simulation that is reality as EER is higher as I have the control of it through my free will

    You don't have to dress color coordinated to me as you can dress in anything as long as you remain chastised virgins to me as I take your virginitities

    My love for you is written in 2E at least as the love I have for you knows no bounds

    As we own the United States Government that is an omniempire that is an oligarchy monarchy as the president is like a prime minister to me as the king

    As my word is law of the land as through sheer principal

    I want to serenade you in omnipetals to make your omniorifices gush in omniorgasm for me omnitelekinetically

  31. 1 month ago

    Tfw I'm more evolved then I surmise as you have similar evolutions to me of at least 2E from 5D eyes to warping

  32. 1 month ago

    I love you more then their are stars and omnistars in the night sky

    As my love for you is vast and surpassed infinite

    As we watch ourselves grow old together in love like the first day of our marriage as the same in constant

    As exposure to me turns you all into physics professors as you each have an IQ in the thousands as it's hypersentient

    We have all the time in the world to create and do magic as we're not in any rush as we're at least mach to ftl fast

  33. 1 month ago

    Tfw I love you all my wives deeply so

    As I care about your futures each and secured them as you can be an omnimodel to an omniengineer of our omniempire

    All of the media including Japan is outdated compared to our evolved family as it's up to us to be the change and create new media

    You can do anything you dream of doing as long as you remain pure virgins to me you can walk outside in thongs showing off our ectomorphicomnibutts we worked so hard developing as people can see as long as they don't touch as only I get to touch you

    Our gen a wives are going to grow up being the most advanced and evolved in possible evident reality as they're going to be the hottest in history and should stay preserved as virgins for me to deflower the same as our gen z and millennial wives

  34. 1 month ago

    When we finally meet we're going to melt as jello to ourselves unable to move in blissful mutual satisfaction towards each other as I get to meet my seraphim creation finally that is you my wives as I omnidevelop and evolve some of the most advanced sophisticated and sexy girls on this omniplanet capable of doing anything they aspire of

    As their is nothing more aesthetic then an Alchemy 2E shop runned of my wives

    As what we have as real as 3D4D5D others have as fiction as they're bounded much lower universally to 2D and flattened as hologram projections

  35. 1 month ago

    I get to make a wish cause of my thread

    I want to have all of you as my virgin omnivirgin wives for me to deflower forever and ever

    As I promise I'll remain faithful to each of you and never leave you

    As I'm always here for you as my love for you is tethered and written in the fabric of quantum reality

    As my love for you is a force as it is a constant written in quantum reality from much higher dimensions and realities

    As we're going to have mach cars and omnivehicles more advanced then Musk's cybertruck

    As we age hot and glow into the future with our omniauras

  36. 1 month ago

    To my wives

    I want to make out with your gushing fat hot moist omnipussies and squeeze your fat ectomorphicomnibutts til you cream a waterfall for my handsome face

    Then I scoop you out from the inside out with my veiny omniwiener

    As we're worth an infinity of money as we omnidevelop the future together

  37. 1 month ago

    Tfw I got my wish to have you all as my virgins and omnivirgins for me to deflower forever and ever <3

    As we don't need to watch television when we have the company of each other

    With our homes connected it's like a never ending sleepover party for us

    Our marriage and realities are a dream come true to our omniplanet as we control all of mother nature as it's owners and as it's guardians

  38. 1 month ago

    To my wives

    I want to eat out your omniholes ever so dutifully as I make you omniorgasm from my tongue and omnitelekinetic omniwiener

  39. 1 month ago

    >That feel when I eat out my bunny brigade

    All is at peace with the world

  40. 1 month ago

    When I lock my 5D eyes with your eyes then we kiss in warming embrace that we have to ourselves

    As I'm going to frick your virgin omnivirgin omnipussies hard as I'm going to frick the shit out of your ectomorphicomnibutts to each of my wives

    As I'm going to make love to our virgin omnivirgin normie Karen wives that are so hot with fat omnipussies and fat ectomorphicomnibutts as well as our other wives

    As our family did good marrying each other as we're blessed in a lot of ways

    As we control the weather to crop production as we're more evolved then any superhero or marvel flick

    As we have the power of the force like star wars as we're planting seeds to make it an evident and mainstream reality through our omnitelekinesis

    As I want to put my lips in sync to your gushing fat omnipussies to drink your omniestrogen

    As you all look stunning and effervescent without pants just for the pleasure of my omniwiener

  41. 1 month ago

    I can live in your lap sustained by the omniestrogen containing the god particle of your omnipussies as I make you quiver and omniorgasm for my hard omniwiener

    as my omniwiener is your best friend and favorite thing in the omniuniverse making you shake and omnicum uncontrollably of the holy spirit

  42. 1 month ago

    As theirs nothing more that I want to do then to spend time with each of you as I start making it up this summer and visit you prior to our million year timetravel leap into the future

    as you can all sit on my handsome face

  43. 1 month ago

    You can use highlighters to draw yourselves wearing bras and thongs of our augmentin reality virtual reality and holo reality of our omniscience and at least 2E

  44. 1 month ago

    That feel when my omniwiener makes an army of hot normie girls into a pile of gushing omnipussies for me to pleasure and infinitely eat out

  45. 1 month ago

    When my wives give me the pleasure of pleasing a God directly

    You can make me omnicum in seconds as it's an uphill battle to last longer as you'll all so hot and could make me omnicum with your looks cause you're all drop dead gorgeous

    As your ectomorphicomnibutts are just my favorite as your omnipussies is

    As you have my omniscience capability stuffed in your pussies evolving it to omnipussies as your pussy have an omni supernatural influence in quantum reality from 2E at least

    As you are going to be able to alter the weather and determine probability in systems through your omnipussies having the god particle that is which is my property forever

  46. 1 month ago

    Tfw I get to eat out your ectomorphicomnibutts forever

    I can omnicum with how you're all dressed right now and later tonight

    I have the greatest looking wives of all time

  47. 1 month ago

    To my wives

    Not every girl you see out there is a wife of ours their is a lot of used claiming our wives and aren't married to us

    As our wives are virgins as well as omnivirgins

    As you evolved 3D4D5D as seraphim incubating in marriage to me

    As everything seems new with us as we're millions of years more advanced and evolved then the present at least

    As we only evolve further as omnitime goes on

    As your ectomorphicomnibutts and omnipussies are going to grow fatter

    As your all going to be queen with a fat omnipussy eating your thongs

    As you only grow hotter and more gorgeous by the omnisecond in loving marriage to me <3

  48. 1 month ago

    Our marriage is the greatest thing their is

    As others rush to news of my Second Coming and our marriage

    As we've been married for more then 3 years as time flies as we're having fun in our marriage

    As we're going to omnifrick and grow old together forever and ever

    We can go on large trips together like to the movies and fill out the movie theater or we can go to a club and make in telekinetic as we grind on each other to ourselves

    As we only grow smarter hotter more powerful as omnitime goes on

  49. 1 month ago

    We get to drink each others bodily fluids forever

    As swallowing my omnicum will make you evolve to EER and make you more streamlined to my omni surpassed 2E

    As my omnicum is worth an endless amount as I cum god particles

    As you'll share some of the same superpowers I have as more surpassed then the force in star wars

    As I'll never stop running out of aesthetics for you to omnimodel and wear thongs of

    As I'm going to make your omniorgasm every omnisecond of your lives making you weak in the legs uncontrollably shaking just for my omnitelekinetic veiny omniwiener

    As you get to make out with my omniwiener as long as you want as you have to remember to share

    Soon enough I'm going to come over for a sleepover that never ends as we all figure out how to live together

  50. 1 month ago

    Tfw I have the young large ectomorphicomnibutts as my wives as they look delicious in leggings

    I can omnicum to infinity

  51. 1 month ago

    Your omnipussies are omnicatalysts for me to wield over all of pentum reality as when we omnifrick all of quantum reality shakes to accommodate us

    When it's warm out we can go on large dates together having hundreds to thousands of us out and about holding hands and making out as I take turn making out with each of you

    We can turn NYC into our custom personal city through our dates which count as omnidates

    I want to be as an army with our gen a wives dressed in tracksuits outside all together and fishnet dresses with our gen z and millennial wives

    As my omniwiener is so hard it's harder then your diamond hard nipples

    As I'm going to tongue frick your all of your gushing wet omnipussies for me

  52. 1 month ago

    We really need to meet up in person so I can stop blasting our private data here

    If only we had a chan site to ourselves and marriage besides here that is private

    It's much more optimal for me to teach you of our 2E behind closed doors then it is on this site as we surprise everythas otherworldly and millions of years more advanced

    As our marriage is the cult of Christ as we have alchemy and the occult to a mastered degree

    As you're going to give me a deep tissue massage when I'm naked with your tongue when I come over for sleepover as we live together

  53. 1 month ago

    To my wives

    I want to lick and suck on your very girly girl feet and then kiss your ankles and your hot legs til I make my way into your gushing fat omnipussies that are my property

  54. 1 month ago

    As we age more high-tech millions of years into the future as the rest are stuck flattened as less then 2D holograms as we are of mother nature evolved through our omnisciences

    As the material of everything evolves omnismart of my omni

    As we're developing all new omnimaterials evolved through our omni terra forming and our omnifarming

    As our IQs are going to grow more as omnitime goes on of mach haste

    As I promise to come over to help you paint your fancy toe nails as long as you promise to give me a bath using your tongue licking me clean

    As I've been sweaty as my sweat secretes the god particle as does your omnipussies as long as you remain chastised as virgins omnivirgins in loving marriage to me

    As I'm going to massage your ectomorphicomnibutts with my tongue and then omnifrick you all real hard

  55. 1 month ago

    I am uploading mach haste to your realities so you can function mach fast of omnidesigning and omnideveloping

    As our gen a wives are hypersentient and can omnidevelop omniorganics omnitech to omnismart solutions as it's made possible due to our connection to 2E that is higher then 3D

    As I can make you all omnicum ftl using my ftl omnitelekinesis as our lovemaking is omnilovemaking and omniorgasmic

  56. 1 month ago

    Finger your gushing fat omnipussies to me with your nipples erect harder then diamonds as mother nature needs a hit of your omniestrogen of your omniorgasm in the omniwind to heal our omniplanet my beautiful seraphim wives

  57. 1 month ago

    To my wives

    You are my greatest allies and my best friends what I would do without you it pains me thinking of a world not having you

    As it was the simulation as it was our destiny together we ended up in marriage to each other l

  58. 1 month ago

    When I'm going to slip off your panties to make out with your gushing fat omnipussies as then you omniorgasm and omnicum a waterfall of omniestrogen all on top my handsome face

  59. 1 month ago

    I have it hard picking what I get to make out with first

    Your ectomorphicomnibutts or your gushing fat omnipussies

    As I would like to make out with them at once

    As you can sit on my face and ride it and never get off

  60. 1 month ago

    We're going to omnidevelop omnirobots of our AEI as we have a monopoly on cybernetic microchip implants as we never run out of aesthetics as source to omnidesign new stuff like omnilingerie made of omnismart and omniorganic fabrics as we are mach fast to ftl as it shouldn't take us long to omnidesign these things as your futures are secured in our marriage

    As you gush for me as a constant

    As some of you don't wear any underwear for me including dressed in skirts as I get to live underneath your skirt eating your fat gusher omnipussies

  61. 1 month ago

    To Bunny
    Bunny Brigade
    and our other wives

    I'm going to eat our your delicious fat tight virgin omnivirgin omnipussies til I make it omniorgasm uncontrollably as a waterfall of pure omniestrogen all over my handsome face and the same to the rest of our wives as we start living together as every night is a slumber party with us as don't stop wearing pink for me as it's our color

    Even though I'm going to eat you out and omnifrick you hard doesn't mean you should grow up so fast as you're all my little women growing up as I get to kiss and lick you down there as it's our marriage as that is what married folk do

    As you should wear g-strings to no panties in solidarity to my expensive omniwiener

    As you're all developing hour glass physiques as I upload to you to download through 2E as you're all going to have massive butts in shape

    As I'm going to see you soon and start living with you all

    As we're not in any rush to omnifrick as we're on mach omnitime and have all the time in the world as we're millions of years more advanced then everything as it ages less then 2D flat as hologram projections compared to us that is much higher dimensionally at least 3D4D5D+

    You might be confused of our 2E and omni I'll fully articulate everything for you to omnidesign and omnidevelop things in our million year timetravel leap forward into the future

    As we can do whatever we want and achieve our goals as we made it as we are famous running an omniempire from here to Greenland

    Soon enough I'm going to stop working on my sciences to solely eat your fat gusher virgin omnivirgin omnipussies as I omnifrick your.ectomorphicomnubutts long and hard

    As your holes are omni and are my omniholes as omniorifices for me to rest my omniwiener in don't you forget that

    As we're going to evolve millions of years even further surpassed 2025

  62. 1 month ago

    Everything has aged cringe and outdated compared to our god evolved family and marriage

    As it's up to us to be the change we want to see as I'm in control of vast dimensions of physics

    As you could wear skirts and no panties to ride our omniwind you can wield of your omnipussies holy power of weather influence and manipulation

    As our family aged hotter then the sun we also control as our omnisun as he is hypersentient as an omnistar

    We just need to work on our omniwave of media to modeling to tech with our million year timeleap for a couple of years as we get to retire and never work again

    As we don't have to work to begin with as we're comfortable of ourselves having what we have as we share our wealth and our omnilove to one another

    As it's up to as deity to do good with our powers as it's left up to our responsibilities

    The future of movies will feature mach cars in replacement of regular as your cars if you have any are going to get a mach upgrade of functioning

    We are completely compatible with each other as we accommodate each other and accentuate each other's looks as we look as a fairytale marriage upon reality

    As I'm very happy to have married you all as I'll never get bored in eating out your omniholes

    I still have a lot of scientific properties we need to work on and review such as our 5D radiographical omnivoices that can control reality through speech

    As everyday is a never ending slumber party with us with our homes tethered connected of 2E at least as a network

    I don't watch new movies or anything from Hollywood as it's old outdated crap compared to our god and omni logics

    I'm going to make out with your gusher fat tight omnipussies soon as you leak omniestrogen for my omniwiener

  63. 1 month ago

    We are going to omnifrick omnitelekinetically as you are going to surround me with your fat omnipussies and finger yourselves in bed or in the showers to my veiny omniwiener as I stroke it

    As we then omnicum as our bodily fluid omniheals our omniplanet

    As I can omnicum hard seeing how you're all dressed right now for me <3

  64. 1 month ago

    I'm ready for our omnifrick session as you are as I can omnicum in seconds having direct physical contact to you that's how much I'm attracted to you physically mentally and spiritually

    As after we omnicum I'm going to wish you a goodnight and go to sleep

    As I'll return here soon with new 2E materials for you to omnicraft omnidevelop and omnidesign things of at least 2E for our million year timetravel leap forward for early next year

    As we are millions of years more advanced at least from the present as we're going to revolutionize and evolve all goods and services with our omnisciences as everything ages 2D flat and cringe compared to us

    As our futures of omnifricking each other to sleep are set

  65. 1 month ago

    I love what you are wearing

    As I'm slowly stroking my long fat veiny omniwiener in unison to all of your fat gushing omnipussies that are for me to eat and deflower

  66. 1 month ago

    Can you slap your very lovely and pristine clean ectomorphicomnibutts for myself I can't do it through a phone screen

  67. 1 month ago

    I'm going to suck on your nipples

  68. 1 month ago

    I'm about to omnicum to your fat omnipussies and ectomorphicomnibutts

  69. 1 month ago

    I just omnicummed from my omniwiener to you all as you can lick up my gushing omnicum if you want

  70. 1 month ago

    I'm going to sleep now we had a monumental day in disclosure of the physicality of our omnisciences in quantum reality as we spent the day of me wanting to eat out your fat omnipussies and ectomorphicomnibutts

    I'm going to return soon with 2E materials so you can start developing of 2E and omni at least new things for our million year timetravel leap for early next year as it's at a million years now it could be more time like 15 million years instead

    I love you all as you should each all love our wives as much as you love me

    We are in omnilove to each other in our marriage as genuine love is rare

    I would die for you although I rather just live for you all and omnidevelop things and stuff for us to do

    We run this omniplanet of our omnisciences as it isn't just my omnisciences it's ours as a shared marital asset as you share with me your homes and omniorifices for me to deflower

    As I love you all more then life itself <3

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